Printing & Packaging

Packaging with marvelous finishing

Packaging is a big part of a CD/DVD Replication and Duplication business. As a client, you look for the end result and no matter how good a job we do, if the packaging is bad, then we would have failed in our task completely. This is why we ensure good quality packaging with marvelous finishing.

For the packing of CDs and DVDs, we have the following options.
Paper Cover | Paper Jackets | DVD Jewelcase| T.T. Jewelcase | Plastic Sleeves | CD/DVD Cover Printing | CD Bags| Jewelcase Transprent | Mini CD Cover & Jewelcase | V-Card CD Jacket & Sleeves

We offer printed jackets and printed inlay along with Jewel Cases and Digipacks. The client is at complete liberty to choose what they need. If you choose paper jackets, you can give us your own design or we can suggest some from amongst the many different designs that we have. We can even build them in different shapes if you so need it.

You can opt from the variety of packaging options. DVD Jewel cases are available, where you can choose from single colored packs for your CD/DVDs. These are rectangular in shape and are standard items, which are pre made and can’t be customized except placing stickers etc.

Almost similar, but different, is the T.T. Jewelcase, which are also available with us. These are very similar to the jewel cases that have been mentioned above, but while these are also standard products, they appear in circular shapes.

Some people often skip the covers entirely. Instead, they go for the CP Spindle, which can hold between 50 to 100 units at a time. Similar to this are the CD Bags. It is actually a somewhat better option than the CD Spindle. The drawback though is that it is useful only if you are keeping personal CDs in them. You can’t hope to hand your clients entire CD/DVD cases with a number of units that are irrelevant for them.

The transparent Jewelcase and the Mini CD Cover are both quite self explanatory. While both are rectangular and transparent, they are also pre made and can be chosen if you’re planning to add some color to your arsenal. As the name suggests, they are both transparent, which means that you can see what CD/DVD is inside without having to remove it from the cover.

All our packaging is done meticulously and with the utmost care for perfection. Like we said before, the final packaging is of paramount importance. Whether you are trying to gain clients or release the CD/DVDs into the market, you have to ensure good packaging. Moreover, if you’re planning to make a good killing in the market, then you will also need to understand the drawback of each proposition.

For example, if you end up sending colorful Jewelcases to your corporate clients, then they will get a somewhat bad impression of your businesses. Like we said before, this first impression is very important. On the other hand, these may be very useful for home applications etc.


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