CD DVD Authoring

Your project will be customized professionally

CD-DVD Authoring

You will give us the video and images required and we will put them on the disks. We excel in CD-DVD authoring and can offer you the best services at the cheapest prices. 

This is the process of creating a DVD video, which can then be played on a DVD ROM drive with the necessary software or on a DVD Player. As a client, you need to provide us with the video, which can be a series of clips or a single long videos. Also, we would need you to provide us with any extras and the introductory copyright. If you want us to add a copyright warning to your video, we can do that too.

For the video, you can provide this in MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI and MOV formats. In addition, we also work with VHS, Mini DV Tapes, Hi8, Betacam SP and DVD Video. We also work on Digi-Beta video, but need advance notice for this. Although it is only for convenience, we request our prospective clients to please call us in advance and confirm for this service. Lastly, clients need to provide any images that they want for menus etc. Images can be in PDF, PSD, JPG, TIF and BMP formats. If you don’t have the images, then we can also create them from snapshots of your video.

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